Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mississippi Mud Pie

Mississippi Mud Pie

1 or 2 chocolate graham cracker crust
9 crumbled soft chocolate chip cookies, (dirt and rocks for inside)
chocolate chips(for rocks)
1 16 oz container COOL-WHIP
1 6 oz. pkg. chocolate JELL-O instant pudding mix
 cocoa powder (dirt)
1 can condensed milk

Fold whipped topping, condensed milk, pudding mix and crumbled cookies together until mixture is thick , pour into crust(makes enough for two pies) cover pie with chocolate chips, dust with cocoa powder for loose dirt effect. Chill 2-3 hours until well set.

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William Kendall said...

I've heard of it, but never tried it.

Nikki said...

I love Mississippi Mud Pie. Oh and The Help is one of my favorite movies.

Ellen B Cookery said...

I have never had a mud pie, but that's going to change thanks to this recipe :)

Can't Believe We Ate said...

Mmmm! I can almost taste it! Thanks for joining us at Food 'n' Flix!

Ugochi said...

Looks tasty. Hope you are having a great summer.
Finding you a great blogger,I just nominated you for The Liebester Award.
You can go here to receive it:http://www.ugochi-jolomi.com/2012/08/my-liebster-award.html
Have a great day!

Terry said...

Yummy! Can't wait to try this recipe!!

Debbie said...

I will try this. I love anything with a graham cracker crust. yummy!

Khloé Belle Gadson said...

Following by email - from Blog Hop Social!

That looks so delicious. I know where the inspiration came from. What's funny is that I read the book in about a week - and then bought the movie and have never seen the movie to this day!

I think I will make this pie and watch the movie on the same day.

Joyce said...

What fun, great movie. Thanks for stopping by It's Your Life, I would love to join the Foodie Pen Pal, I am working on some things right now, and when I get them down, I'll join in the fun. Thanks for the follow, following back on Google and Pintrest.

Heather Schmitt-Gonzalez said...

Mmmm...your Mississippi Mud Pie sounds amazing! I'm glad you've joined us for Food'nFlix =)

lawstudentscookbook said...

This is making my mouth water!

Debra Eliotseats said...

That is about the most perfect Southern dessert ever. (Or should I say "evah"?).

Deb in Hawaii said...

This pie would make Minnie proud. ;-) Great pick and great to have you at Food n' Flix.

Liz Berg said...

Looks easy and delish!

Winnie said...

It looks GREAT and it's definitely my kind of good dessert :)

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